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Ludwig von Bertalanffy and his General System Theory

Download/watch this video via IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

This video is about Austria-born biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy and his general system theory. It describes what Bertalanffy’s system theory is all about and why is it important for today’s science. I have decided to create this video because understanding how human brain is processing information made me also understand how things in Universe are working.

Bertalanffy’s system theory can be used as important scientific tool to explore and understand structure and function of Universe. Watch this video carefully to understand my future videos.

If you want to read Bertalanffy’s 1968 book about his general system theory, you may download it here: here.

Important: during the WWII Bertalanffy joined Nazi party and his views were influenced by Nazi ideology. This makes no difference that his system theory introduced hierarchical view of the Universe for the first time. My video is not about the nazi person Bertalanffy but about important parts of system theory Bertalanffy has developed. Thanks for your understanding.

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