Let’s make world better!

At the time when my work on brain algorithms that constitute the long awaited artificial intelligence is almost finished I want to share with you information how long did it take to achieve this invention.

I think it took me more than 15 years of hard work to invent true artificial intelligence. But last three years or so I was working almost without interruption so it could be in fact 18 years of normal work.

Now I wonder how long will it take you to achieve the same goal? With you I mean professors at the universities and in academic institutions worldwide. You have already wasted more than 60 years and billions of government’s money without achieving anything!

So another 30 or 60 years? I wonder!

Everyone can see on the dark history of artificial intelligence research that professors at the universities are good for nothing when it comes to invent something big, to create something new, revolutionary that would change the world.

What is the solution to this huge inefficiency of university professors?

There is no solution, it was so for millions of years, it will stay so, humans always were and will be only primitive animals. Nothing will change until the end!

But you should not worry about the future. There is already much better solution in progress than useless university professors.

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