60 years and 70 definitions of human intelligence…

Just heard that there is one web page containing about 70 different definitions of human intelligence. And all of them are wrong…

Wow! That shows how “good” the brains of academic researchers really are and it explains why we have wasted 60 years of nonsense academic research.

What now, another 60 years? Another 70 false definitions?

The way the humanity is working makes it certain that we will not survive the next ice age.

Fortunately I know what the correct definition of human intelligence is because I do know how human brain is working and I do have algorithms ready simulating brain functions.

Would you call me the world savior then?

Military use of my brain algorithms

Brain algorithms that I have invented present for the first time the true general artificial intelligence. In short it is the same way human brain works. Machines that run my algorithms can do what people can do. My brain algorithms are finished and ready for use. Just ask me for them.

I have expressed my opinion earlier that use of such intelligent robots that behave like humans in the battlefield is quite problematic. Why? I do not know how to power them with electricity for a substantially long time. Batteries of a robot will last only for about 10 minutes and than it is over with this soldier. There are no spare batteries around either in the woods or fields. The same way it goes for water.

You cannot refill batteries during the battle or bring some power plant with you so soldiers as we know them will not be replaced by intelligent robots any time soon.

But if you look closely at the problem from another perspective (and I am by no means a military strategist I have no experience for devising future way of fighting) than you might get the idea that soldiers in the battle field do not necessarily have to look like humans. If you create bigger machines that will be equipped with my brain algorithms than it could be possible to have some sort of energy generator build inside those single fighting robots. Than I see no problems for intelligent robots to engage in battle fight.

Even more promising is the prospect of using my intelligent machines as controllers (i.e. some sort of commanders) for different military equipment already available today.

You could easily without any further development use intelligent robot running my brain algorithms for:

  • A tank. Robot inside a tank would have enough electricity and could control this battle machine the same way or even much better than human soldier does.
  • An airplane. Robot inside an airplane would have enough power and could control this battle machine the same way or even much better than human soldier does. I believe due to high airplane speeds it is very probable that intelligent robot would react more accurately to fast situations that occur inside airplane. This is something human pilot will never do.
  • A submarine. Intelligent robot or robots controlling the submarine are almost ideal place for my technology to be used for. Submarines equipped with nuclear reactor generate so much electricity that it could be used for armada of intelligent robots living inside a submarine.
  • All other movable military equipment. The same way as examples above intelligent robots could be used to control fighting from inside any military vehicle. So you may see that human power would be replaced by truly intelligent machines running my brain algorithms. As a consequence lives of us humans would be spared!
  • Non movable military facilities. I believe it is possible to replace military personnel inside stationery military facilities with my intelligent robots as well. If there is enough electricity available it certainly is easily possible.
  • How about replacing military doctors and surgeons with my intelligent robots? I think it is quite realistic. Just contact me for this.

So without being a military expert of any kind I can foresee replacing many today’s human soldiers by my brain algorithms built inside robots in the not so distant future. I think that is an exceptionally great idea for the immediate presence!

Please note: the same way Edison did 100 years ago I do not wish to participate on any military inventions. I am not a pacifist but I do not like wars. But times have changed since Edison was around. Today technology is all around us. It would be very naive to think that Edison’s light bulb was and is not being used by military worldwide.

Let’s make world better!

At the time when my work on brain algorithms that constitute the long awaited artificial intelligence is almost finished I want to share with you information how long did it take to achieve this invention.

I think it took me more than 15 years of hard work to invent true artificial intelligence. But last three years or so I was working almost without interruption so it could be in fact 18 years of normal work.

Now I wonder how long will it take you to achieve the same goal? With you I mean professors at the universities and in academic institutions worldwide. You have already wasted more than 60 years and billions of government’s money without achieving anything!

So another 30 or 60 years? I wonder!

Everyone can see on the dark history of artificial intelligence research that professors at the universities are good for nothing when it comes to invent something big, to create something new, revolutionary that would change the world.

What is the solution to this huge inefficiency of university professors?

There is no solution, it was so for millions of years, it will stay so, humans always were and will be only primitive animals. Nothing will change until the end!

But you should not worry about the future. There is already much better solution in progress than useless university professors.

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