How the E.U. wants to control everything (even when it does not exist)

It is not many days since I started with advertising of my invention of brain algorithms that make it possible to build first truly intelligent robots that behave exactly like humans and THINGS ARE ALREADY HAPPENING…

Among them: the Europeans decided to create another “control body” that will oversee what (in their brains) is nothing else than a pure immaterial dream. As Irish Examiner writes about this European initiative here:

A Cork-based professor has become the first Irishman to be elected to the board of the main global body for artificial intelligence.

Prof Barry O’Sullivan, who is director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics in University College Cork, has been elected as deputy president of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence.

The organisation has more than 4,500 members across over 30 countries, having been established in 1982.

It seeks to research and promote the study and application of AI. In assuming his role, Prof O’Sullivan said the organisation needs to do more to become central to the discussions about the responsibilities and ethical issues associated with the technology.”

Whatever this organization does on the “issue” that in their heads does not even exist (because I am the only one in the world who knows how brain works and real AI is just an empty word for them) they are keen to control it heavily already now. You may say that it is just some organization. Well, it is not. It is organization supported by European countries and it certainly does not seek to offer help to those who want to bring real AI to the world. I have to know it because some days ago I have written a letter to them to help me with my invention. Instead becoming an answer they started to publish in media on how they want to control things everywhere.

But let me comment in particular on what this Irish guy is saying:

He said while many people believe that the application of AI is still something for the future, that is not necessarily the case.”

Of course it is not in the future, I have just written days ago to your organization that I have the real artificial general intelligence ready for the use in the industry and society.

One of the issues is the fundamental question of ‘do we want machines to take decisions for us?’” he said.

How can you dare dear professor O’Sullivan to ask such questions when your brain is not capable of inventing anything useful in your life and what you would not be able to invent in thousand of years intelligent robots will achieve maybe in only 50 years? How can you dare to question usefulness of such wonderful new smart and useful technology? You are not in position to control who will decide things in this world in 21st century. It’s just process in your head of human animal that makes you think so but soon you will see how stupid your thought was.

Prof O’Sullivan said he wants the European Association for Artificial Intelligence to have more of a social media presence and to be proactive in becoming engaged in the debate about the use of AI.”

Of course, without the record of inventing anything useful (new drugs for diseases, heal cancer, make our lives better with new technologies…) the only thing that remains for you is to write lots of empty words about technology that you have not invented, you have no idea how it is working, yet you are keen to control it right now. There is a proper word for it originated in Germany and it is called Propaganda.

One example to which he pointed, is the automation of work. “A lot of people think AI is going to automate the very manual, routine stuff that is economically at the bottom of the rung but that is unlikely,” he said.

How can you know what intelligent machines will do in particular? First of all stop talking about automation because my intelligent robots are fully autonomous beings that can exist on their own. Their are partners for us humans! And if they replace your job or job of another person it is not that they are bad but because you are definitely not good enough for this job!

The person who is physically digging a road, that is much more difficult to automate.”

I like your smart brain professor. So digging a dirty road is a process that requires an intelligent being, you believe? You can do it automatically even today without any intelligent machine. Someone should really show you.

Prof O’Sullivan also said that work on fully autonomous intelligence is not the focus of the AI community in the main, but rather that AI is developing in areas where the machine had partial autonomy within boundaries set by humans.”

So you also know what AI community is up to? Is it the community you want to control worldwide? And you are saying this even though I have written to your organization letter that artificial general intelligence is already here? Either you must be an incredibly ignorant guy or you are just a carefully selected demagogue doing propaganda in the media.

Prof O’Sullivan said he hopes to talk to the European Commission regarding ways of engaging in the debate about the current and future role of AI.”

That is stupid E.U. propaganda. It is the E.U. that supports organizations like these in doing what this guy is saying.

Dear professor O’Sullivan: first go and invent something big so other people may see that you are not a nobody and that humanity can profit from your achievement because the society is financing people like you from our taxes. Why we are doing this?

To summarize about what Europeans are up to. They just want to curb development of real AI, they want to control it even though they even do not have it and have no idea what they want to control.

Where is this urge of governments in Europe to control all things coming from? Well, I think it is nothing new. It was here all the time that politicians and rulers wanted to curb new things. Behind it is a primordial fear that anything new that comes will disrupt their powers and that their overruled governments will fall apart. That’s why they start panicking about any new big technology even when it is not even here, even when they have no idea what they are exactly talking about. You may call it the real European paranoia.

What they want to do is to have a society where nothing new comes, no big new inventions, no big new technologies, no big new breakthroughs, where everything is under control of politicians and everything in the country runs smoothly without causing even the small problems. But that is as stupid as it would be an idea coming from the brain of an animal jumping on the tree. Yet it is true and happens in Europe for many hundreds of years!

Someone should explain to them: you cannot control evolution, you cannot control new things and technologies from arriving. They are just wanted by the laws of nature. If you really try to do so, what you create is human society full of misery and poverty! All the people will start suffering from the lack of innovation, from no progress, problems will start arising everywhere. This is what we know from the long history of continental Europe.

And what will come after it? How will things evolve? Well, when people cannot stand this rude primitive society anymore, revolutions and wars take over. In Europe there were so many wars in the past that you can hardly count them all. War, when it comes, will destroy such country that wants to rule over everything and that wants to go against the laws of nature. And then those laws of nature become free space to achieve what they intended to do, society changes and life goes on. Until Europeans start curbing the progress on this planet again…

We the Robots…

Should Unites States be worried about my brain algorithms presenting for the first time in history true general artificial intelligence? Should US counteract intelligent robots being made upon my brain algorithms?

We the People?

No, soon it will read


I definitely say NO! Intelligent robots will help us in everyday life, they will make our living lot easier, they will make our future bright. We simply cannot afford to ignore this wonderful new technology. And yes, making competition to us humans also means intelligent robots could be used to replace human soldiers soon.

Therefore I strongly recommend US to acquire my brain algorithms.

My technology stands for offer.

Make America great again!

(c) 2006 Bonnie Jacobs
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You are all intelligent beings!

I have to admit everyday programming makes you so tired and depressed. You feel like you have to do the whole important work in the world alone, like you are the only one, like there are only idiots around. And every now and then you need to turn off and concentrate on the other small things coming off the backdoor.

Fortunately these days there are so many excellent institutes, universities, companies, start-ups, professors and experts of any kind helping you in giving excellent advice on how artificial intelligence is changing our lives, how the road map to AI will lead us to understanding of human level intelligence, how AI schools will acquire new skills for artificial intelligence based on framework of self-improving implementations, and the goals of highly dynamic problems.

Well, not all has been solved yet in this wonderful world but I am very confident that you colleagues will not hesitate to close up any holes soon that may still be opened out there.

So folks, HERE is what we inventors and smart people think of companies and start-ups researching AI especially those receiving funding from above and beyond.

And HERE is what we think of well paid professors and scientists doing this great job researching AI for over 60 years on universities and academic institutions worldwide.

That’s why you should be proud of yourself with what have you already achieved in the PAST and what will you achieve next in the FUTURE.

Hindenburg disaster: crash of german Zeppelin over U.S. soil. Have german engineers been using artificial intelligence at the time? (Source:

Dear colleagues in all corners of the world, AI is great but it’s all about brain and its unique powers to change this universe once for ever.

I wish you all good luck in your important work on general artificial intelligence and thank you very much for your wonderful job.

God bless you and come here again!

Dr. Moravcik

inventor of brain algorithms simulating general functions of our brain.


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