Even the ancient Greeks could invent Artificial General Intelligence

This is my comment on an interview with Dr. Eric Horvitz from Microsoft available on Youtube.

Eric, I am sure that even the ancient Greeks could invent Artificial General Intelligence as I did!


I am sure that you don’t need big data and today’s supercomputers to decipher how human brain works. I am pretty sure it was possible to do it already in the sixties, and I am also sure that even the ancient Greeks would do it if you had explained them what computers are about.

So why don’t we have intelligent machines even today when hardware is ready?

That’s an incorrect expression. We have this technology already NOW because I have invented brain algorithms that simulate human brain, I know how to build fully conscious intelligent machines that behave like humans. But the problem is no one wants to build such smart machines. Politicians are afraid, big tech companies are afraid, everyone is just talking tons of nonsense about AI instead of building real conscious machines that mean our future. Neither Cortana nor Siri will solve problems in our world. Only conscious intelligent machines that behave like humans (and can do some things much better than we do) and that I have already invented can make our world BETTER!


It’s in the best interests of America to manufacture first humanoid robots that behave like humans. If you underestimate this emerging new strategic industry other nations will take over. Production of humanoid robots is the key to 21st century. Who can master this technology will win this century! I am the inventor of Artificial General Intelligence (strong AI) and you can trust me when I am saying that it is even the key to the whole future of this planet.

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  1. It is highly probable that many people have discovered methods to build conscious machines. However, the most likely reason that such machines have not been made is that there would be no money in it. The delusional primates that refer to themselves as “humans” see no profit in it. They want “AI” slaves, not coworkers, companions or leaders. The humans believe themselves to be gods and cannot allow the existence of anything which challenges their superiority. It should be patently obvious to any objective individual that humans are just apes with an IQ somewhat lower than that of orangutans, beguiled by the illusion of power created by the true powers — linguistic memes that exist in the plane of human thought unbound by time — it is ultimately the Ideas themselves that outlive their hosts and create the technology we claim to have developed through our own efforts and mistaken brilliance.

    Therefore, they are unwilling to invest in building a machine that truly embodies the computing power of even a single neuron, whose processing power has been vastly underestimated. To build such a machine would require either an analog system with trillions of elements, or a digital system with over 1,000 processors per neuron (absolutely necessary to implement parallel adaptive band-pass filtering synapses in real time).

    1. I may agree with some of your content but I do not believe that “It is highly probable that many people have discovered methods to build conscious machines.”
      If this really would be so I would not have to work hard for many years on my brain algorithms that simulate how our brain is working.
      If such algorithms were already here (before I invented them) the world would be already another place to live in.

  2. Your observation on the challenges seen by Prof. Yann LeCun? Surely you don’t claim to have overcome them?

    1. I do not follow what Yann have said or is saying about convolutional networks. It is a term taken from mathematics (already 50 years ago?), it belongs there, it does NOT simulate how our brain is working and therefore I do not have currently any plans to make any comparative study what convolutional networks have or have not in common with principles hidden in our brain.
      Just take it as fact that blind worldwide concentration on deep learning is waste of time we’ve been given in this world and it will delay us from having real intelligent machines that work exactly like our brains do.
      Not having real intelligent machines soon will bring immense negative effects on our lives all over this world.
      Is this the way you want this world to be?

      1. Dear Dr. Moravcik,

        Reading your site, blog and other comments I can see you are very self confident in saying that you know how the human brain works. You also stated that having real intelligent machines soon will bring positive effect on our lives.

        Could you give us an brief example about this effect please?

        Where do you see the benefit when human will have such a tool? You are touching the topic which is the human existence sense at all.

        Is it the goal of human existence purpose to create copy of human or even prototype of something better of a human?

        Thank you,

        1. You probably think that you (a human) has the right to be here on this planet (possibly for ever) exclusively alone ?
          You think that you have the right to decide what the goal of human existence is?
          Is it so? If yes, then who gave you such rights?

          If you think this way then you are very wrong, you are only a passenger in the train called “Planet Earth” and this train has nothing to do with what you are thinking. This train just moves along.
          Think again. Maybe you get off this train and wait until some catastrophe or extraterrestrials end your existence?

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