How to to keep the best and brightest in the United States?

The best and brightest thing on this planet is without any doubts the human brain. Its equivalent is the brain’s simulation in silico. This is what is usually called general artificial intelligence. So how to keep the silicone brain I have invented in United States?

First of all have a look on what a silicone brain is good for. Maybe you think it will do wonders just out of the box but I have to disappoint you. It is the same situation as when I put a human brain on your hand. What will you do with it? What is a brain alone good for? The answer is it is alone good almost for nothing. Brain needs a body! So we need a robotic body in United States. Do we have it?

Let’s take a closer look on this problem. What do we all need to construct robotic body suitable for my silicone brain?

First, we need a humanoid body that mimics the mechanical functions of human body, i.e. hands, legs, muscles, tendons, eyes, ears… Good news is we have this all already and when not it is only because the robotic engineers are too lazy to construct the working parts. Trust me, no fundamental inventions are needed.

Then we need the brain in its physical form. My software brain simulation needs a computer that will become robot’s brain. No, your IBM PC or laptop won’t do. We need to construct a new hardware architecture that can satisfy the needs of robotic body (so many input and output data, so much real time processing etc.) And again, we have distinguished companies that can do this all. They can construct new computer hardware, add more memory, new processors… Believe me, no quantum computers are needed to simulate human brain.

Then we need artificial skin! Without a skin a robot is nothing more than a muscular corpse shown in an anatomical museum. Without a skin you cannot learn how to walk, you cannot grasp things, you cannot fulfill mechanical tasks… Skin is simply a must for the robot. And again we already have many prototypes of robotic skin available. What we need is only to push skin researchers to work hard as I do!

I think that’s about all what we need to construct conscious robotic beings.

If we work hard we have our robotic companions that will take the work away from us not in several decades but in just several years.

But it does NOT depend wholly on me. It is a task for US leaders to decide if America wants to have conscious robotic technology in several years or in several decades!

Make America great, make America first, build my conscious intelligent robots and let them roll off conveyor belts like the T’s of Ford Motor Company! That’s how you will bring and keep the best and brightest in the United States.

About self-doubts and conscious robotic beings

Many years ago when I was starting my work on human brain functions I was totally uncertain if I will ever succeed. So difficult and impossible cracking the human brain seemed to me. There was self-doubt everywhere in my brain.

But as years passed by I gained more and more confidence in my work and my doubts started receding. Then one day I finally realized I have the SOLUTION and I was completely sure now I know how the human brain is working. That was the time my self-doubts disappeared for ever.

That’s how it works in every inventor’s brain, that’s why the world keeps rolling forward and that’s why we now have real artificial intelligence in the form of working human brain simulation.

Why not to grant the same time to robotic beings?

And they all meet in Geneva!

On June 7 many of the well known public figures that according to established media are considered to be experts on “artificial intelligence” will meet in Geneva in a conference called “AI for Good Global Summit organized by ITU. There are speakers that I know from internet and sometimes (but not always) appreciate.

But let me ask you all one thing guys: What do you speakers think you know about human brain functions? And let me answer it right here for you rationally: You know BIG AND/OR DEEP NOTHING!!

Why am I myself not attending this “big” event? Inventors and big minds have no time to give fruitless speeches on issues that in brains of smart people are absolutely irrelevant and/or stupid.

Rossum's Universal Robots (R.U.R.) have been
Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.) have been “invented” already at the beginning of 20th century by Karel Čapek (pronounce Czapaek) but only NOW they are becoming a REALITY !

So what am I doing right now? I am working on building universal conscious intelligent robots that will all replace you. Ain’t that good?

I wish you good luck on your conference!