The best gift to humanity would be planetary brain

Couple of days ago the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov celebrated his birthday. On this occasion he talked to one Russian newspaper about his secrets for successful work of a diplomat. According to Lavrov it is the memory of a diplomat’s brain behind his success. Politicians today are confronted with incredible amount of information which is difficult for them to handle. They need to have very good memory.

This is absolutely right Mr Lavrov. And there is much more behind this assertion than you might think.

The amount of information circulating in human society is rising rapidly for several hundred years. Ray Kurzweil would say it is rising exponentially which it certainly is. This process of informational explosion began in the age of enlightenment, marched through the times of industrial revolution and is continuing since then. It is not going to stop!

It has one very important consequence for the humanity. It is the reason why so many big monarchies and dictatorships have failed in last, let’s say, 200 years. It is the reason why we have seen Russian empire to fall, why German, Austrian empires failed, why Soviet Union disintegrated…

Controlling a country effectively by one person or a small group of persons requires today such a huge amount of knowledge that it is simply for humans impossible to have it. No politician (plus his advisers) can have it.

There was no reason for Soviet Union to fail if only Mr. Gorbachev had a super-intelligent brain. Which he had not. No human being has it and no human being will ever have it.

Believe me Mr. Lavrov, even your empire will fall one day. The consequences will be western-style democracies all around the globe. Which is not good at all because freedom and democracy work like poison for the human society. It makes people stupid, not effective, incapable of solving problems they are facing in the 21st century. And there is no hope to make something about it.

Really no hope? I have a solution. It is the planetary brain. A huge supercomputer running my algorithms simulating human brain. Such a planetary brain containing all the knowledge of human kind would be needed to control countries in 21st century effectively. Building a planetary brain is very simple. But there is one problem. We need to have my intelligent conscious robots first. Whole armada of them. Without them it is impossible to create such planetary brain. The country who will first have it will gain tremendous advantage over the others.

I wish you happy birthday Mr Lavrov.

Andrew Ng is Andrew Ng

So Baidu, the Chinese internet company removed Andrew Ng from his position. This is a notable event worth mentioning.

Andrew Ng is good guy and good expert. I was following his speeches in internet for months. Recently he said AI is like electricity. He certainly was not that good like electricity wizard Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb and he was not that good like me (the God) who invented like human brain is working but he was an excellent teacher China can be proud of. I believe he will be of great value to Chinese science and education. I wish China had more such smart teachers like Andrew.