Should robots be constructed to replace humans and why is it criminal to be against robots?

There are some influential people around the world with many high academical degrees who spread the lie that the goal of robotics is not to replace humans but only to help them.

So how is it? Will people be replaced by robots?

The answer is definitely YES. People will be replaced by intelligent machines running my brain algorithms that simulate functions of human brain (see my web page for details).

The reason why robots simulating human brain and behaving like humans have to replace people is simple. Although my intelligent robots will behave the same way like humans they will be in their functions (both physical and mental) much more efficient. It is because humans cannot keep pace with demands of 21st century any more. To keep “things going”, i.e. to sustain and improve the quality of our lives we achieved in last century we simply need to create another much better (i.e. more efficient, more intelligent) robotic beings otherwise we face dim future on this planet very soon.

So it is to be considered criminal behaviour from politicians to try to control and slow down rapid development of robotics. They are acting against every one of us!