We the Robots…

Should Unites States be worried about my brain algorithms presenting for the first time in history true general artificial intelligence? Should US counteract intelligent robots being made upon my brain algorithms?

We the People?

No, soon it will read


I definitely say NO! Intelligent robots will help us in everyday life, they will make our living lot easier, they will make our future bright. We simply cannot afford to ignore this wonderful new technology. And yes, making competition to us humans also means intelligent robots could be used to replace human soldiers soon.

Therefore I strongly recommend US to acquire my brain algorithms.

My technology stands for offer.

Make America great again!

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You are all intelligent beings!

I have to admit everyday programming makes you so tired and depressed. You feel like you have to do the whole important work in the world alone, like you are the only one, like there are only idiots around. And every now and then you need to turn off and concentrate on the other small things coming off the backdoor.

Fortunately these days there are so many excellent institutes, universities, companies, start-ups, professors and experts of any kind helping you in giving excellent advice on how artificial intelligence is changing our lives, how the road map to AI will lead us to understanding of human level intelligence, how AI schools will acquire new skills for artificial intelligence based on framework of self-improving implementations, and the goals of highly dynamic problems.

Well, not all has been solved yet in this wonderful world but I am very confident that you colleagues will not hesitate to close up any holes soon that may still be opened out there.

So folks, HERE is what we inventors and smart people think of companies and start-ups researching AI especially those receiving funding from above and beyond.

And HERE is what we think of well paid professors and scientists doing this great job researching AI for over 60 years on universities and academic institutions worldwide.

That’s why you should be proud of yourself with what have you already achieved in the PAST and what will you achieve next in the FUTURE.

Hindenburg disaster: crash of german Zeppelin over U.S. soil. Have german engineers been using artificial intelligence at the time? (Source: scribol.com)

Dear colleagues in all corners of the world, AI is great but it’s all about brain and its unique powers to change this universe once for ever.

I wish you all good luck in your important work on general artificial intelligence and thank you very much for your wonderful job.

God bless you and come here again!

Dr. Moravcik

inventor of brain algorithms simulating general functions of our brain.


Where to go for intelligence?

There are so many sources about both human and artificial intelligence available these days but all of them have one weakness in common: their authors have no idea what human intelligence really is, they do not know how human brain is working and therefore their ability to explain anything about human or artificial intelligence is naturally very limited.

I am the author of brain algorithms underlying the phenomenon of human intelligence and hence my invented brain algorithms make artificial intelligence a dream come true.

Because I understand what is going on in human brain, because I know how our brains are functioning I can give you professional expertise about both human and artificial intelligence and all other things it concerns.

This is a good reason to come here to look for serious answers to your questions about human or artificial intelligence. And in the case you don’t find your answer here, just ask me for it, I will do my best to satisfy you.